Grace Church is an independent local church formerly known as Edward Street Chapel, and were established in 1970. We were located in Edward Street however over the years, the congregation grew to the point where the premises no longer contained the congregation and the limited land area inhibited future growth.

For the past ten years the church now named Grace Church, has met in the Waimea College auditorium. This too has had challenges, limiting expansion of all aspects of the community work being carried out by the church.

For several years suitable buildings were sought to convert, or land to purchase on which a new facility could be built to meet the growing needs of the church. Eventually in 2004 six acres on the corner of Lower Queen Street and Headingly Lane was purchased being ideally suited and asthetically pleasing with a number of large protected Oak trees.

As one of the churches core values is contributing to our local community, it soon became obvious as plans were formulated that it was not prudent or wise to build an auditorium purely to meet our own needs. Therefore, a decision was made to approach the Tasman District Council to see if they would be interested in a joint venture.

Their response was that if we were to build a facility that had performing arts capability then they would be interested in being involved. Consequently the architects brief was revised and the scope of the facility expanded to include features that would make a facility that could be used by a wide range of groups within the community, as well as touring groups etc. Extra features included increased foyer area, an enlarged stage, a green room, a loading bay for props etc, a crows nest, and an overhead gantry.

Quotes were received for the completion of Stage One which would see the building through to the closed in stage. As the church had the funds to complete this stage and because of inflationary pressures, it was decided to proceed even though negotiations with the Council were incomplete. Unfortunately a small but vocal group of Tasman rate payers objected to the councils involvement, so the church withdrew its connection to eliminate the growing negative publicity.

THE VISION REMAINS UNCHANGED! The church remains committed to providing an outstanding facility that will benefit the church and the wider community

CURRENT POSITION - Stage One and Two are now complete. We are justifiably proud of what has been acheived. Even in its semi completed state it is inspiring to enter the building. It is easy to envisage the benefits that such a facility will bring to the church and the Tasman region. To date the church has funded the development and will complete the facility in a staged process as funds become available. We need approximately M$1.5 to complete the interior fit out of the large auditorium and the Eastern Wing. Check out our Floor plan to see what the completed project will look like.

WE WELCOME VISITORS TO VIEW THE PROGRESS. Please see our contacts page for ways to contact us.

We would like to thank the following for their contributions.

  • Grace Church members for donations, and interest free loans
  • Donations from outside Grace Church
  • The donation of a large amount of timber
  • Nelson Pine Industries supplied LVL and MDF (discounted)
  • Church members time and labour, over 7,000 hours in stage 2!
  • The donation of a 'to scale' model of the facility